The Mankini Banana Hammock- 5 Reasons Why you Should Wear one

Any Picture of you in a Mankini will Instantly go Viral on the Internet

If any photo of you wearing a Mankini banana hammock is obtained from anyone, you will likely be a instant internet star.  Millions of people will find your photo share it through multiple sites including Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.  If we find it you will be sure to make it on this site.  We can’t wait to see your picture.  Take Carey Wombat Smith for example. Carey Smith lost a bet and ran while wearing a Mankini for a charity.  This 200 + man was videotaped running along the street in his mankini.

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Because a Mankini makes you look Manly

Nothing says manly like a female g-string over the shoulder strapped bikini.  Only the toughest men in America wear Mankinis, and you my friend can add your name to that short list by wearing one.  The only reason John Wayne and Chuck Norris didn’t wear one was because they didn’t exists in their younger years.

Body builders are moving away from the traditional banana hammock bikini briefs and moving to the Mankini because of its growing popularity.  Turn on a body building competition and see for self.

Borat banana hammock girlsBecause the Ladies Love It

Haven’t you heard this?  Women flock to men on the beach wearing a Mankini.  Borat is a great example of how women flocked to him on the beach when wearing a neon green Mankini. Borat traveled to various locations and seem to get the same positive response from the ladies.  Many men have found their wives through the conversation piece of wearing a banana hammock.  The green neon colors have a hypnotizing affect on the female species.


It is Incredibly Comfortable to Wear

 What man doesn’t want to wear something so little and so supportive at the same time.  The Mankini was designed to give males the ultimate support.  Engineers from around the world collaborated on the over the shoulder design to ensure that the male special parts would be protected.  If I am not mistaken I am pretty sure NASA had some input on the design as well.

Banana Hammock mankini

You will be the Center of Mankini Attention Anywhere you go

Do you feel unloved or need a hug.  Do you need a crowd around you or random people taking pictures of you?  The Borat style Mankini will get you the attention you deserve.  Just click on the link below and you will be directed to the easiest, confidential Mankini buying experience.  Become instantly popular with your neighbors and strut your Mankini banana hammock self down the street.  Listen to the whistles and cat calls as the breeze runs through your hair.

You have just been provided the 5 most convincing reasons to buy and wear a Mankini.  These types of banana hammocks bathing suits are not just for Halloween, that can be worn around town.  All eyes are on you now so, Mankini up and strut your stuff.

Below is a link to get your official Borat Mankini Banana Hammock.