Spandy Andy Rocks the Banana Hammock Speedo

Have you ever seen a man dance around in a banana hammock Speedo without being arrested?  What if that same man received applause when he finished dancing in his banana hammock Speedo, would you believe me?  Well I came across something that cracked me up and I figured it would crack you up as well.

The Spandy Andy Banana Hammock Video

In the video a man wearing a Speedo with a large 80’s style stereo on his shoulder and the “Sexy and I know it” song playing is walking along a beach in Australia.  The man dances very well and gets the crowd involved and participating with his dance act.  The dance is funny and not crude.  The simple fact that he is wearing a banana hammock Speedo helps bring positive attention to his dance act.

I know it is common for the French to wear a banana hammock to the beach but I don’t know if that applies to Australia as well.  Needless to say the man who identifies himself as Spandy Andy (because he is known to wear spandex) puts on quite a show for the crowd that develops around him.

Wearing a banana hammock underwear or Speedo is not for everyone.  It can take quite a bit of courage to wear one in areas that don’t consider Speedos to be the norm.  In a short documentary about Spandy Andy we learned that he likes to be the center of attention, likes to dance and wants to promote positivity.

Spandy Andy’s older brother video tapes him doing his street performances.  Spandy’s brother has been videotaping him dance and using it to entertain others ever since Spandy was a child.  His brother considers himself very reserved while Spandy is very outgoing and likes attention from others while he dances.

We thought Spandy Andy was worth sharing so I hope you enjoy the video below.   Don’t be afraid to say hi at the Banana Hammock Facebook page!

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