French Swimwear- Why the French Men Wear Banana Hammocks

From an American point of view wearing banana hammock swimsuits in public is not accepted socially. At the pool or at the beach the only thing you will find American men wearing is swimming trunks.  Men are much more modest or reserved in this regard.  Once in a while you will see one man standing out because he his wearing a banana hammock swimsuit, but not often.

The French have an entirely differently outlook at the thought of wearing  the ”Speedo” style swimsuits.  The French have specific reasons for wearing the banana hammock Speedo however, I have a different theory behind their choice of bathing suit attire which I will address later.

The French have specific rules for their pool swim areas. The rule is that you must wear a Speedo in order to swim in their pools.  Why is this a rule?  They state it is for hygienic reasons.  Apparently swimmers can carry dust and dirt on traditional swim trunks.  There is also a concern for people having skin conditions that can be carried into the water which can be a health concern for others swimming in the same pool.  The French have actually installed Speedo vending machines so that the vacationing man who is unfamiliar with the French rules can still enjoy a swim if they happen to forget their own personal Speedo (if they owned one).

I believe Americans may state the same exact reasons as to why swimmers should wear shorts rather than the banana hammock Speedo that the French insist on wearing.

My Theory

Before you read further know that I am pro banana hammock swimwear even though I choose not to wear one in public.

If any country is concerned about spreading disease it is the United States. We have laws upon laws to insure that citizens are protected.  Rest assured that if wearing swim trunks were a risk there would be legislation passed the very next day banning such attire in public pools. 

I guess one of my first questions for the French would be whether wearing a speedo at the beach provides the same protection for disease. 

My theory on the speedo rule is that a group of very powerful speedo bathing suit companies had influence on law/rule makers to force this attire on the French.  The French are not going to fight this rule as you know from history.  If the influencers are not companies then they are just influential individuals with a passion for wearing the revealing attire.  They don’t want to be the only ones wearing speedos so they make everyone else do it too.

Joe’s Banana Hammocks has nothing against speedos.  We however wish to vote for the freedom of choice on this hot topic.  Let a man decide on his own to sport those revealing trunks.  If you force someone to wear them (especially in public) you take the joy out of wearing them.

Last Request

France, let people choose for themselves whether they wear a speedo or not.