Do Girls Like Guys in Banana Hammocks Speedos or G-Strings?

This question is likely what many men from around the world contemplate before putting on their banana hammock SpeedoGirl Likes banana hammocks or g-string.  What I am going to do is answer this question in two parts which will address the private and public versions of banana hammocks.  If this is a question you need an answer to, then continue to read.

Banana Hammock Speedo

The Speedo itself is something that definitely is more popular in some countries than in others.  As I have written about before, the French practically mandate Speedos to be worn in public pools which they indicate are for health concerns.  The women in that country don’t appear to make a fuss about their men wearing Speedos.  It’s as if the country wants their men to be naked in public.  The fact of the matter is that the men in that country have to be able to marry and procreate so they must being doing something right.

In the United States women would likely snicker or make comments in a negative fashion at a public beach or pool.  In most environments it would be frowned upon however there are exceptions to this.  These same women that would snicker at the beach, would not snicker if the man wearing a Banana Hammock Speedo was a competitive swimmer or a diver.  Typical men who are competitive in water sports have a body structure that is appealing to women.  So in those cases you will be fine wearing a Speedo.

Banana Hammock G-String

Men, the banana hammock G-String was created to do one thing and that is to accentuate your male parts.  Big or small, your parts seem to look better in a banana hammock.  There are a variety of different looking banana hammocks that can be found on the Buy a Banana Hammock Page that will suit your needs.  Some will look better than others on you so you may need to purchase more than one to figure it out.  You may want to purchase more than one so that you can surprise your significant other on more than one occasion with something new.

With that being said, even though you may like wearing one, I would definitely confer with your spouse or significant other to make sure she is on the same page as you.  Wearing a banana hammock may add a bit of spice into your love life behind closed doors.  Or it might not be something your significant other is in to so you may want to know who your audience is in that regards.

Regardless of whether you are wearing the Speedo or G-String, if you wear it at the appropriate times, your audience (The Ladies) should like the fact that you are wearing a banana hammock.  So for all of you closet banana hammock wearers, I hope this helps you come to some decision as to whether the ladies like guys in banana hammocks.  Go get yourself a banana hammock or some banana hammock support gear and strut your stuff.  And don’t forget that ladies don’t go to exotic clubs to see men in shorts, the go to see them in banana hammocks.

Until next time