Banana Hammocks – New vs Used

Yes, I too can’t believe I have to discuss this topic.  However this topic is legitimate and needs to be address for those that sport Banana Hammocks around the world.  How will we at Joe’s Banana Hammocks address this?  Read on and find out our thoughts on this topic.

In this corner: Used Banana Hammocks for sale

Believe it or not you can purchase used Banana Hammock Speedos.  I know this shouldn’t be shocking but it is.  I am not referring to purchasing used Speedos or G-Strings at the Good Will Store. I am only talking about the selling of used Speedo Banana Hammocks on EBay.  At first we thought this must have been a joke.  Who would think of buying a used Speedo when they can get a new pair relatively inexpensively?  Speedos can be between $20.00 or more, but it is a reasonable price none the less. And it wasn’t just one man selling a used Speedo, it was many men selling used Speedos. The crazy thing is they made a point to picture themselves in the Speedo and it wasn’t pretty.  We believe everyone should Banana Hammock up…except for this guy.  The man had a couple paragraphs explaining how worn they were and where he had worn them in the past.  Way too much information for a used pair of Speedo’s if you ask us.  Well to our surprise the used pair of Speedo’s sold for $5.00 with over $5 to ship it.  The shipping actually cost more than the ragged banana hammock.

In This Corner: Brand new Banana Hammock Speedo for Sale

I don’t know that we need to try and justify all the reasons to make sure you go to the Joe’s Banana Hammock Store and purchase a new Banana Hammock for yourself.  Besides being sanitary you want to know only your twig and berries have been in that Speedo.  You especially wouldn’t want to be wearing someone’s banana hammock that you didn’t even know.  That’s scary.

Wouldn’t you rather get your new Speedo in the mail with elastic that actually has some elasticity?  Wouldn’t you rather the lettering on your Speedo actually have the lettering look intact and not like someone was peeling the words off of it?

It is un-American for crying out loud to go out of your way to purchase a used one when a new one is only 10 dollars more.

Ding Ding

The bell has rung and I think it is safe to say that the new banana hammock purchase won with a unanimous, clean, sanitary decision. The score cards by the three judges reveal that the contest wasn’t even close.

So do everyone, including us at Joe’s Banana Hammocks a favor.  Go treat yourself to a Banana Hammock at our market place or at one of our sponsors.   We love the support from banana hammock lovers and we thank you for visiting the site.  If you have any questions on Banana Hammocks feel free to comment on any of the articles.

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