Banana Hammocks in Television and Movies

A significant reason that the word Banana Hammock and the reference to the exotic dancer or male stripper remains popular is because Television and Movies.  Whenever the word banana hammock is used or referenced, it is likely to generate a significant amount of laughs from the audience.  So in our efforts to bring you all things banana hammock related, below are some very popular references to banana hammocks.

Borat and his Mankini Swimsuit Banana Hammock

Borat PictureSacha Baron Cohen who played Borat made the banana hammock bathing suit/ male g-string very popular while promoting his movie Borat.  Many videos can be found on of the character Borat posing for photographers with random female audience members.  Borat had no problem strutting his stuff while wearing the revealing garment.  The Borat movie itself has broken barriers in the movie industry with its shock humor and images that will burn  into your memory.

Scrubs Banana Hammock Episodes

The popular television show Scrubs had multiple references to the word banana hammock or the years of its existence.  If it wasn’t a cast member constantly wearing a banana hammock it was a cast member saying the banana hammock word.  Below are a list of Scrubs banana hammock references:

In episode 111 of Scrubs JD repeatedly says the word banana hammock.  JD uses the word to either defuse a tense situation or in place of answering a question he does not have the answer to.  In the show it seemed quite effective for his purposes.

In season 8 episode 14 of scrubs Dr. Turk, Dr. Cox and J.D (D.r. Dorian) are sitting on a beach.  Moments into the scene Dr. Reid and Dr. Cox’s ex-wife walk into view wearing bikinis.  Dr. Turk’s wife    walks into view shortly thereafter wearing shorts and Dr. Turk in dissapointed.  But the scene gets better when Dr. Todd Quinlan walks into view in his banana hammock bathing suit.  J.D. says the famous words, “Banana Hammock”.  Very funny scene to say the least.

In season 4 episode 18 of scrubs titled “My Roommates”, J. D. is required to move out of his home to find a new one.  J.D. ends up at Dr. Quinlan home however is required to “Hammock Up” if he is to stay there. That is his must wear a banana hammock.  J.D. tries to explain that he does not own one but Dr. Quinlan had a closet full of them to share.  When D.r. Quinlann asks J.D. what size he wears J.D. says he wears an extra medium.  Dr. Todd Quinlann once again strips down to his banana hammock to make the scene comical.

Magic Mike

Banana Hammocks are referenced in the 2012 movie Magic Mike.  Big name actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer are just a few of the names in this movie.  Based on a true story, a thirty something Mike Lane works as a roofer in the day and is a male stripper at night.  Essentially Mike enjoys making furniture and would rather be doing that then being an exotic dancer.  Without spoiling the movie anymore this movie is another banana hammock referencing movie.

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