Banana Hammock Costume

Harry Banana Hammock Costume

There is a very funny costume available for those that wish to wow the masses with their sexiness.  The costume is called the Harry Banana Hammock Adult Costume. The costume is a body suit that is flesh colored, has a ton of fake chest hair and hair in the private area around the Speedo which is affectionately known as a banana hammock. The body suit comes with a tropical button up shirt that helps bring the whole swimsuit together.

You can try to look like the guy in the picture by adding a gold chain or wearing a ugly wig.  It wouldn’t take much to add some black business socks and sandals to perfect the banana hammock costume.

Let’s face it gentleman.  In reality you don’t need a costume at all.  All you really need is a banana hammock bathing suit without the costume portion and it would still be a great costume for any party.  The only question is whether you would have to courage to wear such an awesome outfit.