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From the Banana Hammock Facebook Page
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Joe’s Banana Hammock Staff knew there had to be a band that existed with the name Banana Hammock. The good news is that we were able to find not just one but two bands.

In 2009 there was an article written about a band named Banana Hammock. This band is made up of four members (or at least was). The band is quoted as saying, ”We play good pub rock with a little bit of progressive,” .  Additionally they mention they play a few songs that sound a bit like reggae with a sound more like the band Sublime.
At the time the band was interviewed they said the band was going to be a cover band; They believe it is what the crowd enjoys.

We could not find an official website for the Banana Hammock Band but we were able to locate the Banana Hammock Facebook Page and some videos on YouTube.

The band’s logo is very cool and is very similar to Van Halens VH symbol.  Based off a post from the Facebook page it appears they have a 193 dates in 27 countries  with the end of the tour being on MTV Europe VMA Awards. Pretty impressive!

If you are interested in some videos on Youtube be sure to click this link.

From the Banana Hammock Facebook Page
From the Banana Hammock Facebook Page


We were able to find one song named Banana Hammock. The song we found was from a band called North America’s Only Band……GASH. There Banana Hammock song was located on the website REVERBNATION. The band appears to be from Canada. Their pictures on REVERBNATION give the impression that the band is very alternative with a bit of punk influence. The song has a bit of humor to it.

As we learn more about either bands with the Banana Hammock name or Banana Hammock song titles we will update as needed.

If you wondering what princess consuela banana hammock is all about, click on the link.