An Unconventional Banana Hammock Dessert

Banana Hammock DessertJoe’s Banana Hammocks came across an interesting website named Chocolate – Covered Katie.  Katie posts delicious desserts that are healthy at the same time.  Katie provides a recipe for something she calls the Banana Hammock.  Of course we couldn’t help but share this with world.

The banana hammock healthy dessert serves one.  Per her website you will need the following ingredients to make this banana hammock dessert:


Banana Hammock Dessert Ingredients

  • 1 peeled banana
  • what ever type of nut butter you desire
  • Exciting toppings like mequite powder, coconut, different types of nuts, fruit that is dried.
  • Chocolate (nibs, shavings, chips, syrup, crumbled fudge babies.

All you need to do to make this banana hammock dessert (or stuffed banana) is cut a banana down the middle and spread your nut butter on both sides.  Put your favorite healthy toppings on the butter and put the banana back together.  Your banana hammock dessert is ready to eat.