5 Unusual Banana Hammocks You Need to See

Researchers at Joe’s Banana Hammocks continue to search out different types of Banana Hammocks, Swim Briefs, G-Strings for men.  We want to be the first to report any new Banana Hammock trends surfacing. 

This month our researchers uncovered a few Banana Hammocks that are a bit more unique then the others.  If you are looking to impress and entertain your significant other, these exotic and fun banana hammock G-string thongs may very well be what you have been looking for. Three of the different types mentioned come from the same website.

Confusing Banana Hammock
Confusing Swim Briefs

The first one to be mentioned was found on Vizeau.com from the tropical collection. The name of this banana hammock is the St. Maarten Asymmetrical Scissor-Cut men’s swim brief.  To be honest I don’t actually know how this swim briefs stay on the man who is modeling them.  Furthermore I think there can be some debate whether these swim briefs are actually swim briefs at all.  Though if you wore them on the beach I think you would have to be quick to let the authorities know that it is just a swim suit and not exotic underwear.  You can find this tropic style banana hammock on the Vizeau website.

Milary Ready Joes Banana hammock

Military Ready

The next racy or I should say racier suit looks as if they are trying to prepare a man for anything, even war.  Designed by Jurgis, this olive racer suit comes with two front pockets to carry protection, coins, a cell phone, you name it (as long as it can fit inside). These swim briefs can truly be worn anywhere including the beach or for combat situations.  They actually look quite comfortable. These combat swim briefs can be found in the cinema collection from Vizeau.  

Vinyl Penguin Pouch Banana Hammock

I think nothing says intimacy and fun like the penguin pouch G-String.  It’s like getting dressed up for a party without leaving the house. You partner will appreciate your creativeness in the formal wear Vinyl Penguin Pouch G-String.   It appears that quite a bit of thought was put into the design of this.

Half G-StringHalf a Thong?

Another G-string or thong for males worth sharing is the Vizeau exclusive one-side men’s thong.  This thong in many countries would be considered a magic trick.  How this thing stays up we will never know.  What we do know is that this model has managed to wear them with confidence and must be a thong ninja.  Gentlemen, if you can sport this with style we at Joe’s Banana Hammocks applaud you.  And let’s face it, your significant other will applaud you as well.

alligator G-StringAlligator G-String

Last but certainly not least is the men’s alligator pouch G-string banana hammock. Nothing says lets get it on like an alligator head dangling from the front of you.  Just make sure to tell you wife that it won’t bite.  According to some reviews on Amazon, there may be some electronic device in the alligator head. I am not quite sure how or why any electrical device would be in that vicinity but be on the lookout.

That about wraps up this trending article on Banana Hammock swim and exotic wear.  Be sure to check out the new Banana Hammock Store for all the fun you can handle.

Joe (The Banana Hammock Specialist)