4 Banana Hammocks Made With Love

Please bare with me as I try to entertain and amaze you with my latest find.  In the past I have shared my thoughts on Used Banana Hammocks and Unusual Banana Hammocks and if you weren’t educated on those topics then it is safe to say that you are now.

We all know that banana hammocks come in all shapes and sizes.  Some banana hammocks are entertaining, uncomfortable and some you just look at and wonder what the maker was thinking.  What if I told you there were banana hammocks made with love.  That’s right I said it, with love.  What do you speak of Joe? Well I guess I will just tell you what I found.

Snake Willy Warmer

Priced to sell, these warm banana hammocks keep ya warm alright. The product description explains how it keeps your eggs and spoon warm and comes with a draw string so that this thing doesn’t fall off while keeping you warm.  The product is described as being made with the finest acrylic so it will keep you warm without itching.  This hand knitted product was made with love and is price to sell.  If anything it would make a fun gift for someone you know who would use it.

Willy Warmer Elephant

Like the Snake, The Willy Warmer Elephant is made with the finest acrylic yarn.  The knitted banana hammock is made in likeness of an elephant.  Your partner will find this warmer comical to say the least.  Apparently this only comes in one color which is blue.

Willy Warmer Chicken

Well if you didn’t see this coming I don’t know what to tell you.  Of course there going to have a chicken related banana hammock warming product.  This one size fits all warmer is knitted and resembles a chicken or a rooster.  Either way it keeps you warm and entertains your loved one in one fashion or another.

Rainbow Willy Warmer

Everyone loves rainbows and double rainbows.  This rainbow banana hammock is said to be good for a girl’s night out or in.  Not quite sure what girls plan on doing with this male knitted banana hammock.

Nothing ceases to amaze us over here at Joe’s Banana Hammocks and theses knitted Banana Hammocks can be added to that list. I can imagine that you significant other is either going to love this or hate it.  But the one thing I am confused and concerned about (the knitted willy warmer) is how the heck the rest of your body remains warm if you decide to only wear the warmer. Maybe this is somehow worn under clothes but I can’t imagine that would be very comfortable.

I hope you enjoy the latest find of knitted with love banana hammocks.  Be sure to check out the Banana Hammock Store for our latest finds.